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    Question 20CrMnTi welding shaft build up

    Hi guys !

    I need to build up a splined shaft from 52mm(top of spline is 60mm) up to 70mm O.D over a length of about 110mm then, anneal it, bore it 50mm I.D, turn it, carburize it, heat treat it and grind it for a bearing fit... 20CrMnTi Material is close to SAE3115 or 20MnCr5.

    I have an AC stick welder and my welding buddy is a TIG welder by trade..

    What welding/filler rod should I use for this job ?

    Thanks very much !

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    Re: 20CrMnTi welding shaft build up

    Up !!!

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    Re: 20CrMnTi welding shaft build up

    I tried to repair a cast aluminum mailbox with these welding rods and failed miserably.A couple of months ago, I bought a Forney Easy Weld 140 FCI for various household chores. I can say that this device is very cool, it's quite powerful and convenient. You don't want to try instead of the TIG welder, MIG? On this site prowelderguide.com you can see the best MIG welder up to 500 dollars. They are all good in usage, some suitable for beginners and others for more experienced professionals.I'm sure you'll find something suitable.

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