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    Osai 10/510, computer does not connect to the controller.

    Hello everyone, is there a specialist in this control on the forum? The machine has not been used for long time, after connecting the computer does not connect to the controller.
    Pc connection with the controller via Ethernet, software WinNBI.
    I can see the computer sends packets to the machine but nothing comes from the machine, before disconnecting everything worked, no changes were made to settings, etc., please give me some hints.

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    Re: Osai 10/510, computer does not connect to the controller.

    I connected monitor and keyboard directly to the controller and I have a problem.
    Error Hd042 I fixed
    i need help with 2 problem, System Anomaly.

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    Re: Osai 10/510, computer does not connect to the controller.

    Hi kamiennik,

    A system anomaly is an indication that the controller is going bad. Usually, it starts out where it will happen every once in a while and you can reboot and get rid of it. However, it will continue to get worse and worse, until it just doesn't boot anymore. It is best to get it replaced before it stops booting. Also, go into Setup mode and take a backup so that if it does quit working, you have something to use to restore a new controller.

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