I've finished my conversion of a Proxxon MF70 to CNC using 3A stepper motors and limit switches on all axes. I use the Proteon Raspberry Pi v2.60 cnc shield. I also use Fusion 360 cad/cam to produce the gcode file which is sent to the MF70 I'm using bCNC. I've gotten the setup to work but when trying to mill a piece of steel which caused me to revisit my entire setup. Though the Fusion CAM animation showed it milling to the proper depth I kept getting a shallow milling. I think I have the$100-$102 set properly but will fine tune with a dial gauge.

In order to maximize the torque I moved from a 12V power supply to a 24V one and I'm not using any microsteps. The stepper motors are rated at 3 amps but the proteon board will only provide 2.2 amps to each motor. On my list to check the stepper driver current limit.

I'd like to see the output of the $$ grbl command to see how others who have converted the MF70 have set varuables like

step pulse
max rate
max acceleration
max travel

Thanks for any information.