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    New Router/Portal Mill needs a home or purpose

    I have a friend who needed a machine that he could use to perform a specific function cutting precise slots in aluminum sheet. He was going to start a business making a new product. Well, no sooner had I completed the machine build the whole product plan fell apart.

    Now I have a mill that I have no use for. When I designed it, the work envelope needed to be 12"x12"x5" XYZ respectively. It also needed to be very sturdy so that it could be adapted to new functions.

    The mill is fabricated from 2" square welded steel tube and steel plate, some of the tube is 1/4" wall and some 1/8" wall. The surfaces where rails and bearings are mounted are machined flat.

    20mm linear rails
    1605 rolled ballscrews
    Spyder Couplers
    Machined aluminum bearing mounts
    570 Oz Steppers
    Ethernet Smooth Stepper
    24x16x10 enclosure for electronics and options
    Magnetic limit switches on all axis
    Y and Z axis are completely covered for protection from chips
    All CAD files, Schematics, and software are available
    Bill of materials available
    I will provide the configuration for Mach 4 (computer and software not included)
    Built to last (21 Zerk fittings)

    I built this machine myself and it was a labor of love, so it is a well made system. I tried to make sure that it could be expanded in the future. I also designed in the ability to make tramming and other adjustments easy. All the electronics are for 4 Axis. I am currently using "A" to run a stepper that powers the slotting saw.

    What I want to do is find a new home for this machine so that I can recoup my investment in the build. The machine is complete except for 2 things. Rail cover (bellows) need to be made to protect the X axis rails and screw (could be optional). Also the work surface needs to have mounting holes drilled and tapped so you can attach your preference of fixture. I was going to put a 1/4-20 tapped hole in a 2x2 pattern on the 1/2" steel plate. Or you could mount a T slot plate as your work surface.

    Everything else is complete and working. Currently it has a job specific slotting head but if you want to use it as a multi-purpose machine, just add your choice of spindle and VFD and you will be milling/routing in no time. I think the system would be great for PCB fab, milling aluminum or engraving. I was even thinking about making a 3D print head for it.

    Comment here or PM me if you are interested. I can provide all documentation and tech support to get you up and running.

    Let me know if you want more photos.

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    Re: New Router/Portal Mill needs a home or purpose

    I have finished the last few bits of the mill. Added a Hyunyang 1.2Kw spindle, WEG VFD, and liquid cooling system. Also finished putting the hold-down holes in the table.

    Turn your head to the left and the pictures will become right side up.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails test3.jpg  

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