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    Long hand can cycle drill?

    Anyone know how to get Surfcam spit out long hand can cycle? Right now, it going like this G98 G81 Xxx Yxx R.1 and because I have home made machine will not understand can cycle and it only will take do simple G0 G1 G2 G3


    G0 Xxx Yxx
    G1 Zxx


    Help me !

    I know Mastercam can do that....... I want to understand it with Surfcam. Thanks
    The best way to learn is trial error.

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    Re: Long hand can cycle drill?

    Hi CNCRim:
    Here is the answer for you, from the Surfcam Help Book

    Emulated Can Cycles:
    When built-in machine canned cycles are not available, the cycles can include any desired code that is to be repeated at each location. Since these cycles are not built-in canned cycles, the machine tool does not require a Cancel code. Define a straight drilling cycle by describing the Drill sequence as follows:


    G0 X[h] Y[v] Z[rplane] # Rapid to position Rplane.

    Z[vclear] # Rapid down to clearance.

    G1 Z[d] F[plunge] # Feed down to bottom.

    G0 Z[rplane] # Rapid out to Rplane level.


    The output code:

    G0 X1. Y1. Z.2


    G1 Z-.5 F5.

    G0 Z.2

    G0 X2. Y3. Z.2


    G1 Z-.5 F5.

    G0 Z.2

    G0 X3. Y4. Z.2


    G1 Z-.5 F5.

    G0 Z.2


    Good luck.

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    Re: Long hand can cycle drill?

    From the 2 axis hole process, under the "Cut Control" tab..., in the "Cycle Type" box..., choose "Chip Break" and when you post, it will come out "long hand"

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