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IndustryArena Forum > General Maintenance > SERVICE FOR CNC-MACHINES > Fanuc 31i Model B parameters deleted
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    Fanuc 31i Model B parameters deleted

    Hello guys i hope someone can help me. I am a Cnc service engenier and i am common to heidenhein and siemens but not so god ant fanuc. I have a case were operator pressed reset+delete while powering on machine and it deleted all machyne memory including macros , parameters and pmc. The only backup files i have are from manufacturer on Cd ... it contains pitch , pc parrameters , nc parameters , sram ,nc option and system list... some of those are txt files . I tried to do automtic backup from Boot mode but i got error emediatly it say OPRM_INF RESTORE: file not found , it restores only sram... cannot find pmc also. Whe it backup sram i turn on the control but i cant reach parameter softkey in system. The softkey becomes blank. Does anyone know why and what am i doing wrong

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    Re: Fanuc 31i Model B parameters deleted

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