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    Dyna myte 2900

    What can y'all tell me about a dynamyte 2900 3 axis mill. What kind of tolerances can it hold? Is such a small mill rigid at all? It looks old, can you still get parts for it?

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    Re: Dyna myte 2900

    Dyna made a host of smaller benchtop type machines. The 2900 is definitely not a machine that you want to buy if you are expecting to do large modern industrial stuff. It does have many redeeming qualities though. On the plus side, it is pretty rigid for its size. It also has a tool carousel, although my personal belief is that this is not nearly the advantage you may think it is. For the home shop guy, a tool changer sounds cool, but it really isn't necessary. And they add a lot of complexity and, frankly, areas where things can go wrong. You also need to remember that the 2900 is not really a machine you probably want to get if you are a commercial person, so again, the tool changer becomes less useful.

    On the down side of these machines... Parts are no longer available. Dyna effectively ceased operation a few years ago. That is a major negative for an industrial person because they want their machines up and running fast. Second, the control system is not standard. In fact, it was made by Dyna. They had some very good engineers, but we're back to parts and knowledge issues. Retrofitting is certainly a possibility, but that isn't necessarily an easy thing (especially with the tool changer). Finally, Dyna sadly used their own retention knobs unique to their products. Because Dyna was not a huge player in the market (like Haas), finding these knobs can be quite challenging. There is at least one manufacturer that will make them, but they understandably want to do it in quantity. I think they'll do them in 100 lot units at a cost of something like $33 each (I'd have to check my notes). That is a bit of a cough cough type of problem.

    Don't get me wrong. I actually like Dyna's products. I wish they were still in business because they had some really cool ideas. I have a DM4400M that I'm trying to get up and running now, in fact. Maybe that is part of the reason I might sound a little down. There is an ex Dyna employee that has been phenomenal with information, but he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. If he were, God forbid, to get run over by a bus.... well, we'd be out a resource that has been invaluable. And... he doesn't have any parts. I can't get the pull strength up on my retention knobs now and it is a bit of a cat and mouse thing. You can't just call the manufacturer for help. Of course, this is the problem that most home shop guys have. In fact, I don't think any of my machines are made anymore, and most of the manufacturers have gone out of business, unfortunately. But there are also a lot more of those machines around than my Dyna, so finding parts is a bit easier if required.

    So, in summary, it really is up to you and what you are trying to accomplish. Under the right circumstances, the machines are a wonderful addition to you shop. But, you should go into any purchase with eyes open and a full understanding of what you are getting into...

    Hopefully this helps...

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