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    MADCAM with Mach4 ?

    Folks: I am presently using Rhino/MADCAM6 with Mach3. MADCAM has a postprocessor listed for Mach3 which I use. I was thinking of switching to Mach4 but do not see a postprocessor listed in MADCAM for Mach4. Can I just use the Mach3 postprocessor and run it in Mach4 of do I need a different postprocessor? If so does anyone know of a MADCAM/Mach4 postprocessor. I am running a 3 axis router but intend to add an A axis rotary soon.



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    Re: MADCAM with Mach4 ?

    I've been using Rhino+madCAM with Mach4 for about 5 years. I've written my own madCAM post processor for my needs but I'm sure the Mach3 post processor works perfectly fine with Mach4.

    I'm not aware of any differences between Mach3 and Mach4 in terms of how they interpret G-code.

    You could test by loading any G-code you've used in Mach3 into Mach4 and looking at the cut paths to see if they are the same.

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    Re: MADCAM with Mach4 ?

    By the way, it took me a couple of attempts at reading through the madCAM post processor documentation, but finally the light bulb went off so to speak and I was able to see how simple it is to write your own post processor if the included ones aren't doing what you need.

    Most of the changes I've made in my post are simply to control the formatting of the g-code output and add comments to explain what each G-code or M-code line does for easier problem solving at the CNC.

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