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    questions for getting AP 100 ver 6.1.07 working with Amada brakes

    The software is installed on an older Dell desktop with XP and the app launches fine but has not been configured. I'm trying to find out if this older version of AP 100 (ver. 6.1.07) will work with any or all of the following Amada brakes:
    RG M2 5020
    RG M2 1030
    HDS 8025 NT
    I don't know anything about the software or equipment but since I'm an IT guy they wanted me to look into it. I drilled around in it and not many models of equipment are listed and none of the equipment they have.
    When it comes to setting up the equipment in AP 100 software is there a way to import the models I listed into it?
    The owners are trying to avoid upgrading to a newer version and for now they just want to find out if this can be made to work?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    Re: questions for getting AP 100 ver 6.1.07 working with Amada brakes

    Judging by the release dates of the upgrades, that's an ancient piece of software, guessing early 2000's?



    You could contact Amada software group and see if they'll support it and supply you with the necessary files for your brakes. My guess would be no and it's time to spend some $$.

    This is one of my pet peeves, mfg co's that buy a software package and then don't keep it up to date. Had it happen to me with robotic brake software. The guy doing the programming, was also the operations manager, and didn't want to budget for the updates. It became so far out of date that the newest version would require parameter changes in the machine itself, which would require reprogramming all existing parts. Obviosuly, he was no longer with the company when I discovered this problem and it became my problem.

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