today i tried get out Quadra Chek 2000 working again after the PCB failed.
the PCB had to be repaired after the backup battery leaked acid on the PCB and damaged it.

now its repaired the controller works again except now the linear encoder read wrong now, or don't read in fact.

on startup i'm able to set the reference points and then its starts but when i move then the readout
doesn't work.

i think all parameters are lost because of the repair and replacing the battery.

so after many hours searching and calling Heidenhain (who bought Metronics) and Renishaw (the encoders) for parameters i still don't know the right parameters, and they don't know either.

so the controller:

Metronics Quadra Check QC2000 (TOOL-CHEK)

the encoders:

RGH22 C30F00 (so last digits meaning its not a standard RGH22 Linear encoder but specially built for client and has analog read out in uA)

so i hope someone has this controller to and want to look in the parameters for me in the Supervisor menu:

to enter the menu :

1/enter utility key (right upper corner)
2/press down button until "supervisor" then enter
3/enter the password (070583)
4/then enter the parameters:
a/Z resolution = ?
b/X resolution = ?
c/Reverse Z = ?
d/Reverse X = ?
e/C scale = ?
f/Onewayref =?
g/SLEC = ?

i hope that someone want to check these for me, it would really be helpful.

thanks a lot anyway