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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Plasma, EDM / Waterjet Machines > Hypertherm Plasma > Water mist at the torch tip for smoke / fume control?
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    Water mist at the torch tip for smoke / fume control?

    I am using a Hypertherm Powermax mechanized torch on a CNC tube cutter. We circulate water through the tube when possible and this cuts down on smoke significantly.

    But for some parts (such as angles) we have no means for water circulation and the smoke is significant.

    I am considering using a mister such as the Fogbuster (normally used for mist coolant on Bridgeport type milling machines) to spray water mist at the torch tip. I am hoping that a heavy water mist could wet and capture the smoke/dust.

    Has anybody tried such a thing? Or has anybody tried flooding water on top of the workpiece in a plasma table situation?

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    Re: Water mist at the torch tip for smoke / fume control?

    I have seen a "U" shaped plenum with 7 nozzles spraying water down to accomplish the very objective. Unlike your application, it was a straight torch and not a pipe cutter. On the straight torch it was quite effective.

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