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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > Changing spindles from 7.5k to 10k?
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    Changing spindles from 7.5k to 10k?

    When replacing spindles has anyone ever replaced a 7.5k spindle with a 10k. Is it possible or is there more hardware other than the spindle cartridge?

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    Re: Changing spindles from 7.5k to 10k?

    Yes it is possible, and Yes its more than just the spindle cartridge. Even though you can change the Parameter in the SetP from 7500 to the 10,000 there is more to it. Other than the Drive set-up from the Spindle Motor to Spindle (7500 is a 1:1 cogged belt and the Hi/Lo is a Dual roller with either 6 belts or 2 Poly V belts). you will have to deal with spindle drive invertor. The 7500 uses relays to run the motor in the Wye/Delta, for spin ranges of 1-2500 and 2501-7500. The 10,000 setup use the Hi/Lo drive in Lo its running 2:1 and in Hi its running 1:2 , and the spindle motor runs at 5000 in this set-up. In the 7500 set-up the spindle motor spins the 7500 rpm.

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