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    Lightbulb DIY CNC build mentor wanted

    I have always been fascinated with machinery. I have never purchased a new stationary woodworking tool. I have always purchased second hand machinery and refurbished them. I am looking for a larger more rigid CNC. I would really love to build one from scratch. I would love to connect with someone who could assist me with the project. I am fairly confident that I can build one but would love to have someone who has the experience with this just to ask some general questions. If anyone could do this Id really appreciate it.

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    Re: DIY CNC build mentor wanted

    If you want to find someone who could be present, physically, to help with your build, it would be helpful if you mentioned where in North America you are - it's a pretty big place.

    If you're looking for virtual help, which wouldn't require attendance in person, that's a lot easier - just be specific about the issues you're dealing with, preferably one at a time.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: DIY CNC build mentor wanted

    Hello Clinton -This forum is full of advice on ALL aspects of machine design. Learn to use the search features. Broadly speaking there are two styles of machine development:

    1) The Maker acquires bits and pieces as they go and makes decisions based on what they have and what resources they have. They meander through the project and in time they end up with a machine that works. This process takes quite a bit of time and diligence as random events take time to resolve and the physical aspects of the build are complicated by the take it as it comes approach. But if persistent you get a machine
    2) You design the machine in CAD pretty much down to the nuts and bolts. You may redesign it maybe 10-20 times depending on suppliers you choose and resources available. This takes some time but once you have a design resolved the build is very quick as all the decisions have been made and the part costs and suppliers are known. Many builds stall because they purchase say bearings and drivescrews then find out they are wrong or assume a part is easy to get and then its not available. So you need to develop a specification for the machine and what you want to use it for. This is a performance and utility spec. Once that is understood and consistent all the decisions within the design phase are answered via that spec. Many people find a cheap motor and ask the forum will it do the job. If they had a performance spec the answer would be self evident.

    3) A combination of 1) and 2) but this opens you up to random and unexpected stuff to resolve. I suggest you first develop a machine spec and second learn a suitable CAD program to do the design stuff. If you search for Maximus you will find a machine I designed from scratch via CAD and work through most design issues along the way to full costing of the machine without doing anything in the physical world.

    The forum has incredible depth in experience and knowledge. Just ask a question and be prepared for answers and sometimes a roasting. But mostly its encouraging, be brave your machine will be better for it. Peter

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