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    Configuration files for a Millturn and Darwin

    I'm looking for configuration files for a new mill turn for Mach 4 and Darwin. I'm a new user and it doesn't seem to make sense to start on Mach 3.

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    Re: Configuration files for a Millturn and Darwin

    March 6, 2020


    I'm not able to help you. I scraped Mach 3 in favor of Mach 4 shortly after I received my machine. I wanted to run a newer computer with a later version of Windows (I run Windows 7 on most of my PCs). I wanted to dump the clunky parallel printer port for the more robust USB port. Unfortunately, I could not find a motion controller the worked with USB that I could easily configure. I tried at least two, and possibly three, USB to Gecko 540 motion controllers. I also quickly discovered that Mach 4 did not support backlash compensation (at least at the time I was attempting to use it; maybe it does now). For the most part I found Mach 4 to be incomplete software and still a work in progress.

    I've since completely rebuilt/rewired my system to use the hobbyist level Acorn Board from Centroid CNC. I am now running CentroidCNC12 Version 4.20. It is a much more robust, industrial grade CNC software. It interfaces with the Gecko 540 controller without any problems. The only downside that I've found is that Fusion 360 does not have a post processor for the Centroid lathe function. For minor lathe work, I am using Centroid's conversational programming software. It is working for me for facing, minor turning, and threading operations. I'll need to continue to research lathe post processors if I want to get into more complicated turning operations.

    Again, I'm sorry that I'm not much more help. I've moved to the Centroid CNC products and have never looked back.


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    Re: Configuration files for a Millturn and Darwin

    Thanks for the input. My frustration has me headed down the same path you are. I have Mach 3 running and getting some basics accomplished. However, I thought newer software on a newer computer made sense for the future. I do appreciate the reply. Thanks Britt!

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