Been working on doing some side work @ home with my Haas TM-1 in our garage. (Small Business)
I have been machining for over 40 years (Boy, time flies!)
I decided to kinda pick up where I left off with EZ-Cam v15 n get my own more recent copy v 2019.
Used to use it @ work back in the 80's - 90's, n it did what we needed for 2d milling on our Boss 7 Bridgeports.

I now use the 3D Mill Pro n it works well. Have gotten the Alibre Design for modeling n drawings n open them with a click of a button directly inside EZ-Cam!
I have used other major cad-cam n they ALL have their pros n cons, just depends on what ya need to do n apply some time at them n get the job done.
Just a short rave that I wanted to share.
When I do have a ? I can get some quick help from Chris L @ EZ-Cam!