1 Large cylindrical neodymium magnet

2 meters 0.5mm copper wire

1 plastic plate

4 business cards/playing cards

2 Aligator cables


Wire cutters

Hot glue gun

Stereo system OR phone + sound amplifier
Step 1: Create a 2cm High Paper Cylinder
we're gonna do is we're gonna cut, out a piece of paper that's roughly the same sort of thickness as that magnet, there and if I just make a mock with my, pen okay so we have a little strip of, paper and we're gonna do with the strip, of paper is we're going to roll it, around something that's perhaps slightly, larger than this magnet and have a perfect thing it's the same glue stick, that I'm gonna use to make that roll so, basically just gonna, just roll it around next is we're gonna, grab some of this half a mil thickness, laminated Coppa wire and wrap probably about 2cm so I'm gonna, measure it out, now we're just gonna wrap it until make, sure to leave one end loose

Step 2: Connect the Cylinder and a Plastic Plate With Hot Glue
Wrap up the paper cylinder with 2m of 0.5mm copper wire.

Make sure the cylinder is centered

Allow 5 minutes or more for the hot glue to dry

Use a lighter or some sandpaper to strip the ends of the copper wire

Step 3: Connect Speaker to Stereo Output and Test With Magnet
The speaker should work with both polarities, one of which may work better.

If the speaker works use some blue tac to secure the magnet to the table.

Step 4: Create Some Paper Springs With Business Cards
Adjust until the speaker works well.