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Thread: GCode 3dp

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    GCode 3dp

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to gcode. I'm trying to use gcode to create specific shapes for 3dp (3d printing)-- creating tablet dosage forms from filament I've produced myself. I'm wanting to create a rounded tablet with specific lines of the drug within the shape and also wanting to create a cone shape.

    if any one who is skilled in gcode could help, it'd be appreciated.

    Email: mkhatoon142@gmail.com

    Thank you

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    Re: GCode 3dp

    To make solid 3D shapes, it's not usual to try to construct them directly in G-code. Normally, you'd use a 3D CAD modeling program to design the 3D part, then run it through a CAM program to generate the G-code that runs the CNC machine. One nice, simple CAD program is MOI; it's on my site, along with DeskProto, which simplifies the process of generating the G-code.
    Andrew Werby

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