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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Dolphin CAD/CAM > wishing dolphin had adaptive or high efficiency milling!
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    wishing dolphin had adaptive or high efficiency milling!

    i am trying to learn anything on fusion 360 and smartcam to get some better open pocket tool paths.
    they seem to be very good at hiding the single task of taking 3 lines and getting a profile to cut out
    after i think about 10 years of using dolphin i can do miracles with it in tool path!
    some of this is doing a lot of custom long hand cam but it is very fast to do and works.
    i am about ready to spend 2000$ on another cam that i would prefer to give to dolphin if they could do this stuff....
    shizuoka an-s knee mill=kflop/kanalog running nema 34 dc brushed servos
    cincinnati sabre 750=kflop/kanalog building now with ac brushless servos

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    Re: wishing dolphin had adaptive or high efficiency milling!

    Well you're not alone on that!!! But I think Dolphin is nearly dead!

    Dolphin lathe is still great product, but the cad is out of date and while 2D mill has been a solid platform, it lacks basics like tabs and adaptive clearing.
    3D was a take from heeks and even though this is an enjoyable platform to use, it lacks HSM strategies and no rotary support.

    Reality is you can't bet Fusion 360 for cad or cam. I don't like my dependency being on the cloud and no guarantees my work will be accessible in 1 years time, but sadly unless companies like Dolphin get serious, then we all have little choice.

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