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    MasterCam 2020 Change Z Plane to Top

    Was doing a training lesson and noticed my Z axis plane indicator is facing Bottom not the top like it should be.

    Searching for the plane manager to flip this indicator. Where's it at ?

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    Re: MasterCam 2020 Change Z Plane to Top

    Go to the planes tab and click on create a New Plane Attachment 443776 There is a green plus sign that I've circled in the picture. Click on it and a drop down menu will open. Scroll down to " Relative to WCS" and click on top. This should change the direction to top.

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    Re: MasterCam 2020 Change Z Plane to Top

    are you suppost to be working in the bottom view based on the training video? if so then what you are seeing is correct as the lower left hand corner Gnomon is the world WCS. to set back to top, go to planes and select Top and then the = sign to set as active Plane.
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