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    Question Okuma OSP-U100L Add Serial Channel

    Good afternoon, my name is Diego and i work as automation engineer. But right now my company is working on a project with Okuma CNC. There is a company with serveral Okuma CNC, a wheel factory, and we are installing a gauge on each one. This gauge measure the wheel height, to make a compensation, the project was already started, so we only are finishing it. The measure is done by a Marposs Gauge, conected to a EZ-Comp that works as CNC-Gauge interface. The last device talk to the Okuma by RS232 serial. And we have finished two of them. In one of the Okumas we had problems with the channel 0, even when the parameters was the same as the fiirst one, so we changed the communications to Channel 1, and it worked properly. Right now we are having troubles whit a third one, but this only have one channel, 0, so we are triying to add a RS232 card, to add new channels, but we dont know how to enable them on the parameter list. We still have only one channel. Is there a way to add them. The card that we are adding is A911-2913. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Okuma OSP-U100L Add Serial Channel

    You would need new software to enable the additional port.

    That being said , make sure that after you change settings that you wait 2.5 min for complete backup and then power off including breaker for about a minute to let the RS board properly reset to the new settings.
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