Well it looks like due to the Wuhan virus panic I am now unemployed. Contract has been cancelled. On the plus side it now looks like I will have plenty of time to do whatever I want and I have loads of things to keep my busy.

So here is something I want to deal with as soon as it warms up enough to work in my unheated shop. When I first got my Torus Pro it had a lot of runout in the spindle. Somewhere around .004". Going from memory I tightened the screws on the bottom of the spindle and got the runout down to about a half thou. I lived with it because I was running mostly big end mills. I now want to get rid of the last .0005" of runout. I should point out that my spindle often gets into a harmonic and squeals while cutting. The end mills when in cutting in steel tend to squeal a lot. I do have more stick out than I probably should and am aware of that. Changing feed rate or rpm for the most part only changes the pitch of the squeal. End mill life is short. I want to eliminate the runout as a potential source of the problem. It cuts well in aluminum.

So is there some sort or procedure to properly set the bearings in the spindle? I think this is where I should start.