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Thread: Haas VF help

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    Haas VF help

    After I moved my VFE-0 MILL to my home shop I have been having an issue.
    When the spindle starts with a speed command of 7500rpm, the motor load goes to 100% and stays there for 5-10seconds with spindle running probably 2500rpm, then it will speed up and amps drop to normal level. I have to run my rapids at 25% or put a dwell of 10seconds.
    I have a phase converter, same one I used at last shop. Only thing that changed is my .post . This is a 1997 model. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Haas VF help

    How far away is your Service transformer from power company? Wire Size? ...test incoming Voltage when starting spindle. Fadal has a Parm for low voltage...I think

    my two cents,

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