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Thread: OneFinity

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    Anyone heard of this new Machine coming out soon? OneFinity

    I'm trying to see if its a decent replacement for My Shapeoko XXL.

    I like that it don't use Belt and Rollers

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    Re: OneFinity

    It was just launched for pre-sale but not yet available. If you order one today you will most likely receive it in January 2021, according to their website. Personally I think it "could" be a very good machine, but since nobody has one (other than the people that got one for free, to post on YouTube) it's hard to tell how it would perform.

    There are other machines out there that seem to be just as good for less money. The Mega V for example also has no belts.

    The one thing that seems attractive to me about the Onefinity is that they claim it can be used vertically, like attached to a wall. I like that idea because it would virtually eliminate the need for a vacuum system since the chips can fall to the floor.

    Most likely will have to wait a year to see how it actually works once people get their hands on it.

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