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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > OneCNC > XR7 Mill Pro and multi vise fixture - help!
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    XR7 Mill Pro and multi vise fixture - help!

    I am running a Fadal 3016 with XR7 Mill Pro.
    I have a nice multi vise fixture set up with 6 pcs ready to go and a complicated program to get running.
    I need to use the multi vise, multi offsets type of repeat.

    I am struggling a bit with the Post set up.
    Two things I can't figure out:
    1. The Post automatically starts numbering subroutines starting from 100.
    The Fadal control can only accept subs numbered from 01 to 89.
    Is there a way to fix the sub numbering provided by the Post? Or can I do math within the Post to fix this such as {(RN-99)} instead of {RN}?

    2. The Post puts the main program at the beginning of the NC listing and the subroutines at the end.
    The Fadal control requires the subs to be at the beginning of the listing and the main program to follow the subs.
    Is there a way to control this output to get the subs listed at the beginning?

    Thanks for any help (I'm stuck with manual editing on a giant program if I can't figure this out!)


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    Re: XR7 Mill Pro and multi vise fixture - help!

    I figured it out.

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