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    Apr 2020

    Meldas 520 AML EMG

    Good morning,
    I have a supermax tc15 lathe two axis with Mit.Meldas 520 AML.
    The machine is in emergency but ready.
    The CN has:
    QX084 P.S. with green led1 lit,led2 led3 not lit, battery 3,1V, DC5V,DC12V, AC100V are OK
    QX611-1 CPU card with green led1 lit, green led2 flicker, green led3,4 dim lit
    QX522 video card with green led1 lit, red led 2,3 lit(feedback alarm)
    Two QX531 in-out card
    No warning on servo drive/spindle and x,z axis, turret etc. works fine. If i open R69 all bits are 1.
    I have replaced QX084,Qx611-1(change eeprom, reload parameters and fixed cycle), replaced video board QX522,
    replaced Tamagawa external encoder, but two red led on QX522 are red lit and green led1 QX611 is lit yet.I have not checked the PLG spindle motor resolver.
    Could somebody help me, thanks in advance.


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    Mar 2020

    Re: Meldas 520 AML EMG

    I think you should seek professional help!
    mini royale 2

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    Jul 2019

    Re: Meldas 520 AML EMG

    The alarm message on the console and show me a photo on the electrical panel electrical death specifically on the drives

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    May 2020

    Re: Meldas 520 AML EMG

    I have a similar problem with a Nakamura Tome TMC-12 Control Series 21-T, this machine was working well, until a technician came to check a vibration in the Z axis servo, apparently it loaded parameters and the machine did not return to work, I have a backup of the machine parameters, I reloaded them, no alarm comes out, but it is in EMG state, I can navigate the menus, but nothing else works (spindle, hydraulic system, turret , move the axes).
    Hopefully someone can help me, best regards.

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