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    Post deckle maho E10 trouble

    I have a trouble with machine. it can not be started after made a change of the tool. the error code "E10 input spindle/feed halt 0-signal"display on the screen.and about ten minutes later,the machine could be restarted again. I have no idea with it. so I should ask for help to solve the problem.

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    Re: deckle maho E10 trouble

    I have a similar problem with my Maho. If i let the machine on stand by for a few minutes , then it freezes and if try to give a command it displays E10 error. I am having an engineer next week to lock at the machine and then I will let you know.

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    Re: deckle maho E10 trouble

    So E10 is an alarm from the PLC when a working condition is not met like door limit switches or in my case because the coolant tank was overflowing.

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