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    XHC MACH3 MKS V control board issue

    Hi all,

    I've purchased a China CNC 6040 with XHC mks v control board. I'm trying to setup a solenoid to control cooling but unfortunately so far despite lots of reading I've been unsuccessful.

    I'm using Mach 3, which already has flood/ mist control assigned to output 4. This is ideal I thought, wire up the relay to the control boards 5V output then use output 4 to turn the relay on/off.

    However when I use the M7 gcode to turn the mist coolant on nothing happens, I've measured the voltage and on it measures -0.5V and off 0V.

    I'm completely lost as to why the voltage on output 4 is not high enough to activate a relay.

    Does anyone have an idea as to what is wrong or anything else I should do to get coolant running?

    Please see the attachment images

    Many Thanks


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    Re: XHC MACH3 MKS V control board issue

    When I did mine on my different bob it didn't work either. Turned out my control board was a negative output to axis. So I had to wire my SSD positive to my 5v+ supply and my negative - to the axis pin. Can't remember off hand whether mach then had to be active high or low.

    No guarantees cable swap rounds will work for you though.

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    Re: XHC MACH3 MKS V control board issue

    Are you sure port 1 pin 3 is the right configuration?

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    Re: XHC MACH3 MKS V control board issue

    Thanks Guys,

    In the end I got it to work using a 24V power supply and 24V relay. I ran 24V between Output 4 and 0V outputs and was able to toggle the relay on/off using the M7 & M9 commands in mach 3.

    No idea if its possible to use the 5V outputs.

    I just need to configure the E stop now, which for some reason does nothing.

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