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    Supuer Hicell CH250

    Thinking of buying CH250, but have few questions to ppl who operated it:
    - is machine work as simultaneous 5 axis or 3+2?
    - when working from bar, how you do parting of a part and transfer to sub spindle?
    - is the memory expandable?

    Thank you

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    Re: Supuer Hicell CH250


    You probably aren't going to find many people with these machines anymore. But I'll chime in since I happened to look at CNCZone today:

    -No simultaneious. You can do 4+1. As in XYZC but no B. B must be locked into position. There is a curvic coupling for the B-axis that means you get 0-180 in 5 degree increments for milling. You can drill at any angle IF your machine has the option for the high precision B-axis. Otherwise you only get the 5 degree increments. I have seen both.

    -The machine, as far as I know, will support clamping with both chucks spinning, you orient the B-axis to 90 degrees and sneak a cutoff tool in there. It's tight like on all B-axis turning centers. Collet snout or long jaws help.

    -Yes. You must contact DMG Mori and they will contact Fanuc. It's not cheap. They will support drip feeding with no additional options but there was a higher speed DNC option as well as an option for additional "external" memory to be loaded into the control. So you can drip, you can memory card, you can upgrade main memory or you can add "data server" option from Fanuc.

    These machines came without any way oilers. Look up eco-eco or "THK QZ lubricator". So after 20 years, they're probably smoked. Unless no one used them in the mean time. Well, even then they still dry out... So you could be in it for the price of the machine again for guides or screws. There is also pretty much no support left in North America so you better be good at fixing your own stuff.

    I've just realized how old this is. Did you buy it?

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    Re: Supuer Hicell CH250

    I did training course at Hitachi in japan on super hicell
    3 versions
    1- 5 degree increment, these were first models, not many made
    2- any angle clamp, but extra clamp into curvic coupling at 5 degree intervals(modified from early version) more rigid at 5 degree clamp
    3- special cam gearbox that would allow full control of angle of turret

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