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    XHC WHB04B-4 pendant

    I'm going to purchase an XHC WHB04B-4 pendant, but I can only find them from China, just wondering if anyone has bought one from anywhere else or recommend a good dealer from China I can count on.
    Thanks Mike

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    Re: XHC WHB04B-4 pendant

    XHC have a poor reputation for supporting their devices. They have a plugin for Mach3 but to my knowledge not for LinuxCNC,
    are you sure that it would work with your setup?

    It may mean that you'll have t write your own plugin and probably with little or no support from XHC.


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    Re: XHC WHB04B-4 pendant

    There is driver support in linuxcnc for your model XHC-HB04
    And for the newer version XHCâ??WHB04Bâ??6
    I can't comment on either.

    XCH actually make some higher quality commercial pendants which are nice and what I use but they consume a lot of pins if fully configured (I have on Mesa hardware)
    Rod Webster

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