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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Shopmaster/Shoptask > collete upgrade to shoptask 1720
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    collete upgrade to shoptask 1720

    i hope this post helps someone.
    i got tired of swapping out the mt3 tools on my 1720.
    i decided to try and upgrade to a collet system.
    none of the vendor out there seem to sell a kit.

    i ended up winging it
    as i so often do.

    so i bought an er32 mt3 m12 cheap collet set off of amazon.
    i then bought some m12 thread rod and an m12 nut for the drawbar.
    i welded the nut to the bar..the nut is an 18mm serrated flange nut.

    here are some pics
    runout was .0012
    no sure if thats good or not..im a novice..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20200502_115409.jpg   20200502_114100.jpg  

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    Re: collete upgrade to shoptask 1720

    I picked up a similar set, but it's not answering the problem of short quill travel and working between short mills and longer drills and wigglers etc. Hard to work through a job without re-clamping the work at different heights.

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