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    Aluminum cleaning


    looking for a best solution to clean laser cut aluminum parts. We have continuous orders for laser cut parts. Part size is approx 15 cm x 10 cm, it has several holes (diameter 8 mm). Batch is typical 200 - 400 pcs.

    Requirement for part finishing: "clean surface, no grease, no burrs, no sharp edges.

    Could you recommend what is the best method to make proper part finishing for such size batches?
    What is the best way to clean and degrease aluminum parts?


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    Re: Aluminum cleaning

    That finishing requirement is pretty much a standard notation on all drawings. If the customer is happy with the pieces as they come out of the laser then no further finishing is required.

    If not, then hand deburring and/or vibratory finishing might be required. Normally just some degreasing solution (liquid household cleaner) in the vibratory water is good enough. Another option for cleaning is a standard home dishwasher, I use mine for this all the time. There are commercial part cleaning systems, but for short runs it really makes no sense to spend that kind of money.

    Bottom line is that the customer sets the requirements.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Aluminum cleaning

    Usually, I use the Septone Metal Polish, but as Jim said, the dishwasher does a pretty job too. I don't use it that often, only once in a while or when I run out of the Septone, but if you're looking only for a clean surface you can work with that. When I have bigger projects I work with MaximaAluminium because I don't have such performant equipment but for the smaller projects, I work with my machines. Try this metal polisher, and I'm pretty sure there were other options similar to this. I like this one because it also protects from oxidation and this is an advantage too.
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    This is the company I work with for my bigger projects: https://www.maxima-aluminum.com/

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    Re: Aluminum cleaning

    Depending on the parts load there is a relatively inexpensive countertop residential dishwasher available. Set anywhere you have a sink and a countertop.
    Bob La Londe

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