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    INI file definitions and Rapids

    I'm well past my 30 days free support from WinCNC purchase and don't see a forum on their site, so thought I would ask here.

    In the "axisspec=" string there are two values I cannot figure out, they are R# and A#.
    Per the manual (page 58) they are:
    R# "is the actual resolution in steps per unit" and set to 7935.6.5 currently. I've no idea what "unit" would be.
    A# "is the actual acceleration in units per minute per second" and set to 1000 currently. Again, no idea what "a per minute per second" would be. This could be significant to me.
    I'm trying to ensure the settings are optimum for 3D machining, which seems to be cutting slower than expected. Plus it bugs me to not have a clue about the two settings.

    Also, I never see the WinCNC panel display my rapids speed (R#) during machining from which is set correctly in axisvel=r# . I suspect that could affect my 3D time. Page 60. It seems to me that the controller never uses my rapid setting. I'm using Fusion 360 for the CAM. It does use the rapid speed when moving manually from the command line.


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    Re: INI file definitions and Rapids

    UPDATE !!!
    I called WinCNC and they were extremely helpful with my questions. Seems the things I was looking at were meaningless for my situation. They gave a couple suggestions that I will try.
    Great people and company!

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