Good morning!

I have a fun one for you guys!

I've got an old (1999) Mori-Seiki RL-253 lathe with a gantry loader on it. I'm trying to teach the loader the points for loading the spindles, but I can't get the loader to go into the machine.

Here’s where I’m at this morning:

I pulled a G30 before zero-returning, and now I have the secondary home lights flashing.
Teach Pendant is in “0” mode.
Front doors are closed, nothing operating in bypass.

Still no good. It clearly seems that the vague statement in the manual that “all conditions for robot entry at the lathe must be satisfied” is such that these conditions are NOT satisfied.

I thought the conditions were:
1.) spindle stopped
2.) shutter open
3.) secondary home

I’ve got all of those.

I fired the M31 to allow the spindle to move, just in case it made a difference. No love.

I thought maybe it needed permission to enter, so I fired an M64 (loader request) in MDI, but all that did was give me a feed hold error.

I feel I’m close, but I really can’t figure out why this damnable loader won’t go into the machining bay.

Any insights – I’m pretty much euchred if I can’t get this thing into the bay…

Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can help me!