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    Mikini 1610L - Tear down, repair and assembly


    I have found some play in my X axis trucks so i decided to fix it.

    I have documented the story here:
    Mikini 1610L Tear down and repair (part 1) – Sprocket and Pinion Engineering

    If anyone is interested.


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    Re: Mikini 1610L - Tear down, repair and assembly


    Finally got started on mine. All the side jobs finished and I bit the bullet after 2+ years of off-n-on planning.

    Also discovered how Mikini assembled the table/saddle - probably would have helped you earlier if we'd known about this.

    The base is drilled in eight places (2x sets of 4) and there are plastic plugs driven in from the top to seal it. If you drive those plugs out (from the bottom) they line up with the base to saddle truck screws and you can remove the saddle from the trucks. You can do 4x at a time, then shift the saddle forward or back to access the next row of screws. Undo the ballscrew mounts, and the whole table/saddle/screw assembly can lift off the trucks.

    Then it's just a matter flipping it over and the saddle to table truck screws are easily accessed.

    Very similar to taking the head off the column - two holes about halfway down the column gives access to the inner truck screws.


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