So I'm feeling so dumb right now as I have numerous machines with homing switches setup with no issues. Unfortunately they're all parallel port machines and the one I'm trying to setup is the new ESS-G540 and Mach 3 machine. Do I not setup the homing ports and pins the same way? I'm using 3 normally closed (mechanical) switches and wiring them all to port 1 and pin 10 (position one on the G540). Whenever the switch is activated, it sets off the E Stop and doesn't finish homing. It also lights up the 3 home leds in Mach 3 so I know the communication must be correct. Is this an issue where the ESS needs to have a setting changed to allow the Homing to continue after hitting the first switch? Or am I still forgetting to check or uncheck something in Mach 3?

I also have a touch-plate input that works correctly (the digitize led lights up in Mach 3 when activated and uses port 1 pin 12 (position 2 on the G540).

Thanks so much for your time-