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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Milltronics > Dorian Smart Dex jamming
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    Dorian Smart Dex jamming

    After a long and frustrating journey , I have finally solved my problem with the turret indexing , or jamming when it gets an M6 command .
    Several years ago I had a situation where the turret would not lock .
    Then I had a problem where the turret would not unlock , and just hum and go into a fault .
    In both cases , it turned out to be the MAC air control valve on the back of the Dorian control box .
    Now wanting to get into too much detail here , but if your MAC valve is hissing when the turret is " at rest " then it is out of adjustment ,
    and will cause all sorts of problems . ( like diverting air to both sides of the locking cylinder ) .
    I will post my maintenence report if anyone is having a similar problem .
    Considering that the MAC valve assembly is pretty cheap , it is worth a try to replace it .

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    Re: Dorian Smart Dex jamming

    That's good to know, that you are willing to help..!

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