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    C axis unwinding on Haas 5X

    Hi All,

    *I'm using PowerMill 2020 on a Haas 5 axis trunnion type of machine.

    *I'm wireframe swarf cutting the entire periphery of a part with a constant

    5 degree draft.

    *In the simulation it all looks good.

    When executing on the machine*it leads in,machines around until reaching the point of passing C zero

    where it rotates C360.0 back to the same position it was at , then continues the path and leads off of the part.

    During this repostioning it does not lift z or reorient the A/C axis positions to prevent gouging.

    Is this a setting in the post , the PM software, or a machine setting?

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    Re: C axis unwinding on Haas 5X

    It would be either a post or programmer error... I'd lean toward a programming error.
    .... long time since using PM, but look for a "Retract between Cuts" or possibly a "Keep tool down" setting

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