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Thread: CNC Milling

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    Apr 2020

    CNC Milling

    I am looking for a person in the UK who could CNC two simple parts to complete a prototype.

    Due to the COVID19 lock-down it is not possible to get a normal company to give me a quote so I'm looking for someone who can do it privately.

    I am able to provide the appropriate drawings for quoting.

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    Apr 2020

    Re: CNC Milling

    I am surprised that no member has responded to my request. I thought it might be to do with the way I have set up my account so I have edited the settings so that I get an email from a anyone who responds.

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    Re: CNC Milling

    Dear Jakamus,

    We can do the metal parts and plastic parts by CNC, injection molding, 3D printing, and Vac casting. Has sent you the contact request and message. Please reply with the drawings.


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