Better than new Novakon Pulsar CNC Mill with Deluxe Stand and Enclosure Containment System.
$10,750 (Original cost $16,035)(Customer pick up in Louisville, Kentucky)
Monitor, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard included
Very low hours
Built in computer w/SSD Hard Drive
Servo drives for X, Y & Z Axis
Stepper drive for Fourth Axis
Rigid Taping built in
Two Circulation Pumps for Cooling and Spray Wash down Hose
Large Coolant Reserve
Quick Change Lever Draw Bar
Smooth Stepper Control Board
Latest BOB with Arduino control
Best price! You won't beat this price!
Optional Tooling available at bargain prices

Original Cost of Novakon Pulsar Mill
Novakon Pulsar CNC Mill with Rigid Taping $8,995
PC /controller $ 695
Monitor, Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse $ 200
Servos Motors and Controllers in lieu of Steppers $3,000
Coolant Enclosure $1,995
Fourth Axis Controller $ 300
Mach 3 Software $ 150
Freight to Louisville, KY $ 850
Total $16,035

(Available on the web site)
• Owner's Manual - A comprehensive manual for assembly and use.
• EP1 Servo Driver Manual - Manual for the servo driver for spindle and optional axes.
• MA860 Stepper Driver Manual - Manual for the axes stepper motors.
• ESS installation Guide - Manual for the installation and programming of the Ethernet Smooth Stepper.
• LDB Operational Video
• Reference Rigid Tapping (Proof of Concept Demo)
• Cabin Fever Rigid Tapping Demonstration
• Rigid Tapping Tutorial
• Demonstration of Wash Down Spray System
• Pulsar Base Assembly
• Pulsar Column Assembly
• Pulsar Compound Assembly
• Pulsar Lever Draw Bar (LDB) Assembly
• Pulsar Lower Head Assembly
• Pulsar Spindle Assembly
• Pulsar Upper Head Assembly
• Pulsar Y-axis Bellow Assembly