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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > arrow 750 Machine following error and motor not moving
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    arrow 750 Machine following error and motor not moving

    Hello i'm posting a new thread here because i didnt't find info about a problem like mine.
    I have a arrow 750
    When pressing machine power on the y axis moved fast like crazy and i had the alarm excess following error.

    I open the servo debug page and choose the y axis and the folowing error was always increasing when pressing machine power.
    What i think and tested.
    It could be the resolver cable!

    I have another machine and replaced the motor wiring and it still with the same problem.
    I change te motor wiring and resolver to the X axis and moved ok with C1, and option board plug from the x and c2( resolver) and motor cable from y.

    After this i change the drives to see if the problem pass to the x but it still crazy on y, and passed also the crazyness to the x XD
    Then i restored eveithing like it was and started to adjust the balance pot and the comand scale until i have zero motor rotation and also no following error.

    Now after adjust that i can do machine power and the axes don't move but if i move the y te following error increase and the motor rotarion still at zero!

    I have 6 more same reference drive, i change all them and still always like described before.

    It looks like the driver is not telling the motor to work, but if i change the balance it start to rotate!
    ALso sometimes when doing for the first time machine power i have the 39-6 alarm and no drive ready, i then remove and install again c1 plug at y drive and after this i could go tho the align fase everytime.

    Anybody have a clue on this one? It's making my brain die!

    My control is Acramatic 2100 and kollmorgen bds4 and psr4 drives( black)

    Thanks everybody.

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    Re: arrow 750 Machine following error and motor not moving

    Nobody have a clue on this?
    I could manage to adjust the drive so the y doesn't move at machine power.
    I checked that at c1 plug i have at the y drive DIFF HI to DIFF LO 10,4 V and the other drives have( stoped) 0.00V and when movin maximum of 1.34V so i thing the problem is there what sends the voltage to the DiFF HI ANd LO to the axis?

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