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Thread: CNC Machine

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    CNC Machine

    hey team,how is everyone doing?
    i am a new member here and thanx for welcoming me.
    .i have one issue with my settings on a vfd and spindle.
    i have this vfd of a "BEST"type.
    i followed each and every setting in a manual provided but when i placed a run
    sent a command to run the spindle,the spindle first ran,i cut some work,them
    after like four days,the vfd brough Ho2 fault(serious high current).
    i have tried to research but i am not getting the solution,all connections
    are okay,there is nothing like a short circuit but up to now
    the spindle cant run.
    most of you guys here are friendly to this,
    wht can i do to settle this error because sofar two spindle cant run because ...
    this error.
    help me out please................

    thank you

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    Re: CNC Machine

    Here are some information I searched online. I want to share it wiht you and hope it's useful for you guys.
    CNC Machine Maintenance Tips
    1.Be disciplined with regular maintenance schedule
    2.Keep records
    3.Monitor machines’ fluids and grease the moving parts
    4.Always have spare parts ready

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    Re: CNC Machine

    Possibly the VFD or the spindle motor has failed. Could be either one, but most likely the spindle.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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