I am trying to install an Ethernet Smooth Stepper in my new Chinese 6040 1500w spindle machine. I already have another 4x8 homebuilt machine that I run Mach4 on with an ESS so I was wanting to convert this new machine to the same.

My old machine uses a router and not a spindle so I don't have experience with the spindles.

I talked with CNC4PC and ordered an ethernet smooth stepper with a c25 BOB. They said I would also need a C41S board to control the spindle.

The machine us using the PRT-E1500W VFD and I am not sure how to connect all the boards together. I think the 4 axis are pretty straight forward but the connections for the spindle are confusing me.

I asked CNC4PC to explain the connections and the sent the following: https://www.cnc4pc.com/pub/media/pro...inan2ess_1.pdf

Here is a picture of the board.Attachment 442996
The 4 wires at the bottom are labeled AVI, +10V, COM, FWD. I'm assuming I connect to those.
Comparing these to the wiring diagram that CNC4PC linked me to, I'm not sure which wire goes where. Any help would be appreicated. Thanks