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    Hello everyone,

    I'm Luke. Thank you for letting me join your community. I am not a machinist but I am a distributor of industrial goods. So I don't really speak the jargon but I am learning as I go. I do most of my selling on Ebay. I have everything from PCB cards for machines.

    Right now I'm trying to determine what I need to do with floppy disks as I come across them. We get them frequently and I don't know what they are worth. Some cards are kept in books and neatly labeled. They will even have table of contents. Others are less organized. Some are directly from the manufacturer and others were just blank floppy disks that have writing on them saying what they go to. For example I have one right in front of me as I type this message and it says "Devlieg 65k-144 Diagnol #2 2-14-96 Axis moves".

    I want to know everything you guys do about floppy disks and how they relate to machining. What is their purpose? Do people write specific programs for the different cuts they are trying to make? Are the ones directly from FANUC, for example, software for machines and how valuable are they?

    Are these like baseball cards where some are cheap but then every once in a while you can hit the jackpot? If so what do I look for?

    Thanks in advance for all your help and I do apologize if this is the incorrect thread. Based on the titles it seemed like one of the more appropriate for this conversation.

    Thanks again,


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    Can anyone offer any advice on this?

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