Speaking of woodworking CNC router machines, the first thing we might think of is the quality, model, processing functions and others of the CNC engraving machine. So how much do you know about the installation of the CNC router, operation and maintenance skills of the CNC machine, then Blue elephant will take you to learn it one by one. When we received the woodworking engraving machine, the first thing we faced was the installation of the machine. The installation of the machine directly affected the quality of the machine processing and the length of the machine service life. Therefore, the installation of the machine plays a vital role in the whole process of the machine.

The installation of the wood engraving machine is the combination of various parts of the machine, which seems very simple. However, the professional and reasonably assembly of various parts requires a lot of skills. Next, Blue Elephant will tell you about the installation process and installation skills of some core components. First, lets take a brief look at the installation steps of the wood engraving machine.

1. Placement the machine
First, we need to choose a suitable placement for the CNC engraving machine. The choice of this location needs to consider the size of the engraving machine and whether the engraving machine needs to be connected to the wire. The machine should be close to the ground wire, and the machine should be placed in a clean, flat, ventilated and dry place. It should be noted that after debugging the machine, try not to move the position of the machine, otherwise it will be adjusted again.