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    Brother HS-100, Connection with Computer over RS 232

    Hello, fellow CNC Addicts..

    It has been quite a while since i last logged in here, been busy with all kinds of things..

    The Milling machine on the right, may look familiar?.. indeed.. it is my trusty "Beagle VMC 2814 Described here: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/verti...-forum-20.html

    But.. my question is about the machine on the left.. the Brother HS-100 i recently bought.
    After some "teething problems" and replacing some parts, it is now functioning like it should.

    And i've already made some nice parts..

    Such a part is programmable in 5 minutes, this is still a simple part.. but.. in the future, i will also have to make more intricate parts, and these will be programmed with CamBam, or maybe another program.

    I will need a way of getting these programs from my Computer to the machine.
    In the past, i have operated an HS-100 in the Toolroom where i used to work, we had a computer connected to the machine with an RS 232 Cable, and we could send the programs to the machine..
    That worked flawlessly, so i want to get that to work in my workshop as well.

    I do have a computer, with Windows XP, which is sufficient for Running 2D Cad and CAM sottware.. it has a 9 pin RS232 Connector, and the machine has a 25 Pins Connetor..

    In the Past i had a similar connection between my Emco Compact 5 CNC Lathe and the Computer, when i was still running it with the EMCO Control.

    My Question is:: "Does anyone have a wire diagram for the Cable? ", and.. what kind of software are you running on the Computer to transfer these programs?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Re: Brother HS-100, Connection with Computer over RS 232

    Hi Arie,
    For the first part of your question what you need is commonly known as "null modem cable", plenty of examples found on Google. But you should first know if your machine (HB100) needs acknowledge signals, that needs a little bit more complicated cable but also easily found on Google.
    Simplest null modem cable would need just 3 wires for TX/RX plus GND but adding a shield is desirable. If acknowledge signals are needed then two more wires will be necessary.


    Enviado desde mi SM-G900T3 mediante Tapatalk

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