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    V8 Inverter Error Code 10

    When operating my Mill Turn in manual and using the lathe spindle, I'm getting an error 10 after about 10 min of use. I start to turn up the speed control and the spindle jumps slightly, I here a click and I get the error code. I can reset and sometimes it will work, but eventually the problem prevents use of the spindle. Turn it off and walk away for 10 minutes and it will work again. Obviously, somethings getting warm, but I don't know enough about the controls to know where to start looking. The clicking is coming from the Lathe spindle motor area and not from the control box. No issue with the mill spindle in manual and under Mach 4 Lathe control no issues. Where would you look first?

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    Re: V8 Inverter Error Code 10

    Check your small control knob for damage- when lifting the bench legs off on our unit we accidentally hit the control knob and pushed it in- it was also giving us an error code in manual mode but worked fine in CNC mode- it is a small potentiometer and I think it was giving a full voltage command as soon as you turned the knob and the VFD was faulting out because the motor could not accelerate to full speed instantly. I pulled the knob off and put it back on and it seemed to solve the problem.

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