Hello All,

I have an older TM2 and I am wanting to do some upgrades as I see them. The table itself is a 4 x 8 and doesn't owe me a cent hence the reason I would like to look into upgrading and "tightening" the operation up prior ro considering the purchase of a newer table.

I have just installed new motors on the x and y, as I added an z axis along with a Stingray THC Lifter by Flashcut CNC. I cant remember the size of the motors but can get that information if required to help define mt setup.

What I am now looking to do is;

1. Add another motor on the x axis (that will be slave) so that I can improve some cutting smoothness. The cuts are fine, I just feel that I am wearing through the shaft that connects both pinions prematurely. I feel that this is due to the weight of the gantry. The cassette on there is 30mm (+/-) and all it carries is the plasma torch and the THC Lifter. I figure that thing (gantry) to be at about 160lbs (guess) so if I can lighten the load I'd like to;

2. Rack location. For those that are familiar with this model of table the rack is on the inside. I dislike that now based on a year ago when I wasn't that conversant with CNC anything. So I would like to move those rack to the outside;

3. Look at cost effective options to expand this table to a 5 x 10 short of buying a new one. Perhaps the better option is to do that but I am happy with everything else and there seems to be a hidden value in building it myself rather than getting someone to do it for me. I can stay with the 4 x 8 but having the flexibility of a 5 x 10 makes getting max use out of a 4 x 8 sheet not such a consumption of time in set up.

4. I'd like to build a pendant. Again for a satisfaction thing. Currently I run all my controlling from my work station which is facing away from the table when cutting. When babysitting it, I'd like to be able to manipulate position of torch and stop as I see fit. Is this even possible?

I know a lot for a newb, but I am somewhat familiar with my setup and not afraid to tackle a challenge especially in the name of knowing how to do it. I feel that to be a problem if I just source all these upgrades. If it comes to a problem I will never know how to fix it. Already the case at times with the software that I run.

So any pointers, suggestions, places to look, things to consider would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps pictures of previous similar upgrades? I am going to target this upgrade for Jan 2021 as that is my assumed slow period, so I have between now and then to find parts, line up build, etc to limit downtime once I take the machine down.

Thanks in advance folks.