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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > Problems to look out for with very old machines?
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    Problems to look out for with very old machines?

    It's not hard to find discussions on 1988- or so and newer machines. Let's say a deal came up on a 1985 or 86 though. Any problems particular to machines that old?

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    Re: Problems to look out for with very old machines?

    When looking at machines in that age range, look for mechanical condition. You are going to replace the jurassic control system anyway. I have 2 mid 80's machines (not Fadal) both were mechanically in near new condition. One I picked up at near scrap price. Did a controls retrofit on one, using the original servos and drives, did a full retrofit on the other with all new AC servos. Both have worked out very well for me.
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    Re: Problems to look out for with very old machines?

    I looked to retrofitting a Bridgeport clone and I found wear of the ways to be the most difficult to overcome.

    To retrofit as CNC really requires no, or at least minimal lash, so having a few thou' wear in the ways, typically in the mid-stroke of the axis, is very difficult to counter.
    Grinding and/or scraping of the ways is possible but demanding of your skill...or pocket book.


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    Re: Problems to look out for with very old machines?

    You may encounter problems with bearing damage.
    My machine has been used for twelve years, and his guide rail slider is damaged.
    Fortunately, I purchased at www.bearingkingdom.com.
    Supply Forever Global Industry Co., Ltd.:https://www.supplyforever.com/

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    Re: Problems to look out for with very old machines?

    It really depends on how well it was maintained. And hopefully it has a Main CPU upgrade to at least 1400-4 preferably -5. This is Our Fadal 1986 still running today same condition

    One check to see how much wear the turcite has gone thru is to run indicator across table in Y axis especially. It may be out .010 or more, and you can have the top recut by a Fadal service tech. But the Turcite on the Way surfaces could be the most important thing to check so get up i there and look at it, (it is green in color) common problem is the turcite has come loose. That is a expensive fix. Time consuming but if you can rebuild a chevy 350 motor you could prolly do it the sell turcite kits for all the axises.

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