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    Motorcycle Helmet Mold by 5 axis

    In China, as the new traffic policy that electric scooter riders should wear helmet compulsorily, the price and demand for the helmet is rising rapidly. This new policy will take effect on June 1st. The growing demand drives the helmet mold in urgent need.

    Some people are willing to pay for the helmet modeling files, some people are looking for the helmet molding manufacturer, or some manufacturers are looking for 5 axis CNC machine. It’s crazy. My company also get the project of the helmet molds.

    Some customers think the helmet mold can be processed by 3 axis rather than 5 axis. Actually, 5 axis is more competitive because of the complex die cavity. The complexity includes the internal large height difference, some shape parts of small fillet, under-cut, etc. The 3 axis machine can’t process them better once. Also, worse to the quality and precision of surface machining. EDM is needed. And the efficiency is low.

    The 5 axis raises the efficiency as it can adjust cutting tools to a suitable processing location. Slight suspended stretch of the tools can process the complex parts in flank. A clamping can complete the whole processing. It gives greater machining productivity and better precision and surface quality. The avoided EDM makes the following manual polishing easier.

    The following image is our helmet molds by 5 axis. The customer plan to injected with ABS, or PC material to withstand and disperse the impact. What’s your thought? I’d like to hear from you.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Steel mold of helmet-2fprototypes.jpg  

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