From the experience of OEM manufacturing for over 10 years, the word “low volume production” is mentioned frequently. 100,000 pieces or fewer parts are called low volume production. We usually produce the parts by CNC machining, 3D printing, vac casting, and injection molding. Yep, in the factors of item size, application, material, injection molding can be a cost-effective way.

1. Try to decrease the molding thickness and size as it doesn’t have to withstand hundreds of thousands of times of injection press.
2. Reduce or eliminate bolts and dowel pins.
3. Choose the single-cavity or multi-cavity based on the specific quantity.
4. Use the standard parts on the market.
5. Complex molding using processing methods of wire cutting or EDM.
6. Choose the inexpensive material like aluminum or lower grades steel.
7. Try to make the general mold base
8. Optimize the molding structure, arrangement, method to save the processing time
9. Standardize the common parts, re-access the molding parts design.

I believe there are some other ways to lower the cost, like 3D printed molds, which depends on the mold requirement. I hope the above experience can inspire you. Please suggest more if have other recommendations.